Journey into the Flame

Journey into the Flame
Welcome to The Flame. Burning is its nature. It burns everything around it and transforms everything into itself. Its light shines, illuminates and renders things visible.

The heart of the flame is a place of stillness, nothing can touch it and yet it touches everything. It destroys everything and creates everything, everything is absorbed within it. Breathe in and out now. There is a never ending warmth inside the flame a cocoon of softness, all enveloping.

What is left when everything has burned down?

When all certainties are allowed to dissolve into ashes. This is where we start, from the end. A fragrance emerges, a start, fresh, a new word that has no provenance just wants to be heard for no other reason than its appearance.
It is, nothing more nothing less, this is.

Nothing is ever written and no one is ever listening only the fragrance, this beauty, now, the inevitability and perfection of what is carries a beautiful scent. Let’s open our eyes and together let the fragrance carry us to The Flame. Today we burn.

This is our journey inside the flame...



Part 1.


Every time I look at you, I see myself for the first time.
Smile and feel the brightness of one thousand shooting stars.
We are dancing every song unheard, never moving, never together, never apart.
Rise and rise with rage rapture and fire til the end of meaning, only to find the soft embrace of your own open arms catching your fall. endlessly..
Say my name and find me in your own voice.
And now we sit, replenishing ourselves with silence, the source and end of it all..




Strip the face from likes and dislikes. Find the clear river that runs beneath and above. Dive deep, swim, stroke by stroke, breath in the familiar scent all around, all aromas caught by a faint tremble that is the earthquake of your being.. 




How can I dance?
My feet are moving, caressing your face, give me the rhythm through your smile, take my hand and guide me to the brink of your being.
I don’t need you to open your eyes to know where my place is.
I don’t need to say your name to know who I am.
Right before your breath stops my life begins, and always I dance all the contours of your face.




I am the knowing with which you know me
There you and me is no more 




Journeying back
Reading the signs along the road.
Sound, a soft riverbed, flowing and dancing approaching its contours a warm kiss which is the lake of my body.
This body made of here and now, what can it not accept as it softens all of your desires within it. 
Throw an arrow so deep in seeing, burning the path that leads you straight to my heart.
Sit there, find the place in the shape of you moulded by the resounding emptiness of my thoughts.
Nowhere left to go I loosen the grip and a smile tells us we never left home.




We are a Spotless Canvas moved by the hand of God, this is what we whisper to each other under every hidden desire, there is no camouflage strong enough to hide our true nature, we are hidden by a cloak of magnificence..
This is as good as any other day to discover I Am




When I Love you I stop seeing you
I am the one that doesn’t speak and the voice all around




We are closer than close
In between words there is a space, that is where we find ourselves.
Before a question is answered, in living the question, that’s where we salute ourselves.
During the blink of an eye the whole world pauses, that’s where we acknowledge ourselves.
Right before a breath dies and another finds birth, where nature finds its seed, that is where we hold our hands.
And so I look and look only to be greeted by a familiar scent all around, the smile that purses your lips runs daggers through my heart of longing..




How many times should I die, in order to fully live




Freedom is born in fire, the fire that melts all knowledge
Don’t search for hands that can put down the book or legs that can take the leap
Find your heart singing in the echoes of a siren’s song for the broken promise that set him free
Whose movement is the bowing for the one that was never there?
The fulness of the wind tells stories made of ashes and blood, the soothing balm for the wound that can’t be found but only felt




Sunday.. a day of communion.. finding the temple or church that reside in our hearts.. the shortest path made of no distance at all where all seeming masks and roles are shattered in a glowing breath.. the first breath you will ever take is Now, in this breath the same force that holds all planets within you.. all the great deeds and worst mischiefs find peace and solace in this breath..we are blinded by our own magnificence..cradled by our own open arms.. walking inside ourselves looking for the eyes with which we see.. searching for the path of communion with the One we already are, have always been and can only be..



Part 2.



Slow down, down, down until you disappear.



You can look for me beneath the waters
Separate a rock from its sleeping bed to see if I’m blinking
Peak behind a cloud to catch a glimpse of my naked body
Lunge towards me in the running for an ideal of yourself you have never set out to achieve
You will never find me there.. I will always be where I’ve always been.. close your eyes and look around you I am always there inside you.

Can’t you hear I’m calling you? Screaming with a voice who’s only sound is the embrace we eternally hold.

Drink from this well.. the soothing clear waters you so long for run free.. try to still them and all their taste is removed.. your every action masks you and yet reveals you.. what you love you can’t fix what you long for you can never reach.. you can never touch me, but you will only always be me.

Be brave whisper my name, the name you’ve always felt but never known, the name your lips won’t utter when this moment is too full to express, the name your ears seem too afraid to listen to, find me in the only name you’ve ever had ..........




Sink deep, deep, deep in perfect stillness. 




It all starts Now

How many steps did it take to get here and where are the legs that walked them?

The mind asks the question but the heart knows the answer and in between them life spins its journey

The wheel of do’s and don’t’s has no spokes and no road to travel melting in the magnificence of the first ray of sun hitting my face

Close your eyes and marvel at the universe being created leave all questions at the door of your being and enter magnificence 

Open your eyes and greet the world you are, staring at your own open eyes is a blind man’s seeing 

The universe needs your eyes to know itself with nothing else to fulfil but to celebrate Love’s Ecstasy

All the seeming battles, all the world’s struggles and misfortunes, all the greatest deeds ever achieved are roaring in the emptiness of this Silence, giving fuel to the flame of your being begging you to take one more breath..

It all starts Now




Carve me up.. break me to pieces.. the wounds of suffering are but the fresh new walls that widen my cup to bear more love..

Let me disappear in the beauty of this Longing.




For my father:

Some wounds never heal completely, some wounds are not meant to heal.. but their pain has a sort of echo which brings a deep silence, softening the volume of everything, drawing the curtain on all games, calming a storm which had become so deafening to be more familiar than my own voice.. that is where I find you, always, beyond who gave and who received, beyond who understood and who didn’t , beyond how I wanted you to be and how I wanted to be for you.. there I find you, always, where we’ve always seen each other without seeing, where we’ve always met each other without touching.. maybe we never really spoke the same language, now it doesn’t matter because in this silence I find you and in this silence I recognise you and I know myself, a little more.




This is. The supreme teacher



I live in the untold
My abode is silence
I play and dance in between your every word
I show myself in the space where my heart opens and pours through your eyes
I find movement in your stillness
I find purpose in your relinquishing it
I am made of all your history but come alive only Now
My resting place is made of the ashes of your every desire
I’m the smile in your deepest fears
And the dread behind your every joy
My body is made of all the things you were unable to say
My dance starts when all meaning is lost 
and a floating breeze can wipe away a mountain of tears




What is real can never be lost. What is lost was never real in the first place.

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