Explore the non-dual teaching through this archive of audios and videos recorded at Rupert Spira’s meetings and retreats. Guided meditations and dialogues allow listeners and viewers to investigate the essential nature of their experience and to discover the source of the peace and happiness for which all people long above all else. Start here with the latest free content or browse by topic: Everyday Life, Spiritual Practice, Embodiment, Peace and Happiness, Consciousness and Awareness, Meditations.

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Latest Teachings from Five Day Meditation Retreat at Mandali – 15th to 19th April

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Meaning of Life

In this section you will find teachings on how the non-dual understanding may be expressed in our daily experience, such as in relationships; death, sickness and old age; art and beauty; free will and ethics; time and space; and the relationship with a teacher.

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Spiritual Practice

These meditations and dialogues explore various aspects of spiritual practice, including the direct and progressive paths, love and devotion, self-enquiry, meditation and the way of beauty.

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Here you will find teachings on the ways in which our felt sense of the body and our perception of the world may be realigned with the non-dual understanding. Included are topics around sensing the body, feeling our emotions and perceiving the world.

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Peace and Happiness

This section explores how the peace and happiness for which all people long may be found in the simple recognition of our essential self, bringing an end to suffering and conflict. Included here are topics such as joy and contentment, meaning and purpose, and the search for enlightenment.

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Consciousness and Awareness

The meditations and dialogues in this section explore the essential nature of ourself, including an investigation into the nature of mind, consciousness, awareness, non-duality, states of mind and the separate self.

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The meditations in this section fall into two categories: first, the inward-facing path, in which we explore our essential nature of pure awareness and discover its innate qualities of peace and happiness; and second, the outward-facing path, in which all realms of our experience are gradually realigned with this understanding.

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