These groups are for anyone wanting to meet up regularly with a small gathering of friends, either in person or online, to discuss Rupert Spira’s non-dual teachings. These meetings are a chance to meditate together and study Rupert’s approach to non-duality in an informal setting.

Anyone who wishes to start a new group please email Francesca,, for information and support.

Name Location
Adelaide Meetup Group Adelaide, Australia
Ann Arbor 'Exploring Non-Duality' Group

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor 'Rupert Spira' Group

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Atlanta 'Friends of Rupert Spira' Meetup Group Atlanta, USA
Auckland Meetup Group Auckland, New Zealand
Bonn/Cologne Non-Duality Meetup Group Bonn, Germany
Brazil Group – Rupert Spira


Brussels Meetup Group Brussels, Belgium
Burlington Meetup Group Burlington, USA
Chicago Meetup Group Chicago, USA
Cotswolds Meetup Group Zoom
Creative Writing Group: word-crafting and poetry appreciation

Online via Zoom.

Cyprus Meetup Group Cyprus
East Bay SF Meetup Group
Facebook 'The Teachings of Rupert Spira' Meetup Group Online
Freiburg Meetup Group

Freiburg, Germany

Friends in New Zealand' Whatsapp Group

WhatsApp Group

Friends of Rupert Spira - South Bay

We meet in-person in San Jose, CA or sometimes online.

Garden of Friends

Hartfield Meetup Group

Hartfield, Sussex

Jakarta Meetup Group


Leeds Group Meeting

Please get in touch with Elkie for the location

London’s 21-35 Meetup Group


Madrid Spain Meetup Group

Madrid, Spain

Manchester UK Friends

Manchester UK

New York 'Drop and Sits' Meetup Group Currently meeting on Zoom
New York 'Rupert Spira' Meetup Group New York, USA
New York Meetup Group Zoom
Online 'Friends of Rupert Spira' Hangout Group Zoom
Online 'Paradise on Earth' Meetup Group Online and in London, UK
Online 'Psychotherapist/Mental Health Professionals' Meetup Group


Online Rupert Spira Study Group Live online conferencing and Facebook
Online UK based Meetup Group Zoom
Online via Zoom

 Online via Zoom 

Oosterbeek Meetup Group

Oosterbeek, Netherlands

Oradea Meetup Group Oradea, Romania
Queretaro Meetup Group Currently meeting on Zoom
Rupert Spira Community WhatsApp group


Rupert's Newbies


Salt Lake City Group

Online via Zoom

San Antonio Non-Duality Society


San Diego Non-Duality Meetup Group San Diego, California, USA
San Francisco Bay Area Meetup Group


Santa Rosa Meetup Group
SE Portland Meetup Group Meeting on Zoom until it's safe to do so in person
Seattle Meetup Group


Sebastopol Meetup Group California, USA
Shimshit Meditation Meetup Group Shimshit, Israel
St Albans Non-Duality Meetup Group Currently meeting on Zoom
Swiss Meetup Group
Tel Aviv Meetup Group Tel Aviv, Isreal
Torino Non-Duality Meetup Group Torino, Italy
Vienna 'The Still Point' Meetup Group Vienna, Austria
West London Non-Duality Meetup Group Zoom