Livestream FAQs


Do I need anything special to view the livestream? 

No, Any basic computer, tablet or current smartphone will work. The biggest factor to viewing is your Internet connection speed. Most people connect at home via Wi-Fi so not only is your connection speed important, you must also have a strong Wi-Fi signal. If you experience buffering, try getting closer to your router location. If you can view YouTube videos without a problem then the live stream will be fine. Be sure to close down all other devices that may be drawing your signal. 

What if I get disconnected or the video freezes during a live event?

Refresh your browser page, this will reset the connection. 

Does it matter what browser I use? 

No, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Explorer or Microsoft Edge will work. IT IS IMPORTANT TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE LATEST VERSION. If you are not sure how to do this then please Google how to update. If you are having a problem on one platform, then try switching to another browser. 

Can I view it on my cell phone? 

Yes, any current 4G or 4G LTE smartphone will work. 4G LTE is superior for live stream viewing. The biggest factor will be your cell phone signal strength. If you are unsure of what type you have, please contact your provider. 

If I miss a live session, will I be able to view it? 

Yes, the recording links will be available about 15 minutes after that live session ended. You will have access to the recordings for one week after the retreat ends. 

Is there anything I can do to make sure there are no viewing issues? 

Yes, beside following the above suggestions, you can test your connection speed at: Once on the page, click on the arrow, and you will get your up and download speeds. You will need a minimum of 5Mbps download speed to view without any issues. The more, the better; upload speed is not important for viewing. Your individual connection speed is also influenced by other users on the same network (Wi-Fi or connected), e.g. another member of the household that is playing games on the internet or watching a movie online. Also, other households using the same provider at the same time can influence the bandwidth speed. 

In addition, it’s a good idea to clear your browser cache before the event. You can find out how to do that by going to this link: Once there, just select the browser you are using 

What is the Zoom Q&A session and do I need to do anything to prepare for this?

The Zoom Q&A sessions are set up for the livestream attendees to have the opportunity to ask Rupert questions during the retreat. Questions are queued up on a first come, first served basis; to indicate that you would like to ask a question, you simply click on the 'raise hand' icon. Francesca or Neil will then add you to the queue, and they will let you know when you are up next. 

All that is required is a computer and access to the internet. Francesca or Neil will walk you through the sign-in, which is very simple. There will be a streamable recording of the webinar on the livestream page, along with playbacks from all of the other sessions.

To optimise your webinar experience, we recommend a wired connection if possible.  If you do use a Wi-Fi connection, close all or most other devices using the signal.  For mobile devices, a 3G or 4G connection is needed.



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