Online UK based Meetup Group

These gatherings are being offered for those, who following the non-dual understanding of Rupert Spiras’ approach, have become curious and expressed further interest in exploration at the level of the body. The question of continued suffering after understanding, is often what brings us to the body. How can I know that I am the open space of Awareness, not confined by the limitations of a finite body and yet still feel caught in the suffering’...? When we come together “taking our stance as Awareness” and bathe in the resonance of Presence, the body begins to stir. From and within this field of consciousness, we drink directly this experience as if for the first time, and that which we name ‘the body’ responds, lengthen, softens or contracts and being given no agenda, and having no habitual layer of expectation projected upon it .... the first gossamer thread of caught-ness shows its face, we feel its vibration and being witnessed, unfurls a miniscule amount and is felt, touched and tasted in truth. It will be an experiential guided session unfolding intuitively, sometimes Ruperts’ words in the shape of a yoga meditation will accompany us, or just a simple opening and welcoming of what is as we listen on the day.



When we meet

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