Creative Writing Group: word-crafting and poetry appreciation


A three-hour, once-a-month online group.

- Creative writing theory, skills and writing ‘experiments’ informed by non-dual practice.
- Learn how to let your creative process be guided by Being.
- Be inspired by the readings of beautiful sacred poetry from all traditions and come to
understand the ways in which the poets and writers achieve their effects on the reader/listener.
- You’ll craft poetry and short prose, individually and collaboratively, from writing prompts
offered in the group.
- You’ll use words to deepen your spiritual practice: to recognise, contact and rest in Being.
- You’ll use words to integrate that understanding in everyday life by bringing aspects of
experiences and traumatic material out into the light so that they can be ‘dissolved in the light
of awareness’.
- Share your words in the respectful space of the group.
- Constructive feedback on written work.
- The possibility of publication online.

The only prerequisite for taking part is an interest in words and a love of truth - novice and
experienced writers are equally welcome. Please come with handwriting materials (and a
laptop too if you wish).

The group is facilitated by writer, editor, psychotherapist, and creative writing tutor Bridget
. There is a fee for this group on a sliding scale according to what you feel you can afford.

For further information, to book a place, or to sign up to be informed of upcoming workshop
dates email:

Further information on the workshops here.
Read more about Bridget’s work here and here.


Online via Zoom.

When we meet

First Saturday of each month.
2pm-5pm UK time/ 3pm-6pm central Europe.
To calculate the time difference where you live use this link:

Bridget Holding