Webinar with Rupert Spira and Karl Morris – Exploring the Nature of ‘The Zone’ in Sports


Rupert will be joining performance coach, Karl Morris to discuss the nature of ‘Zone’ experiences in sport in this free to attend webinar.

Many of us have had glimpses of a zone experience in the sports we play. Those joyful moments when we seem to shed our self imposed limitations and reveal more of our true innate capabilities. Time seems to stand still, motion is effortless and we have a deep bond with the environment we are in, be that a golf course, football pitch or tennis court. Movements seem to emerge that are unplanned and our response to the challenges of the game appear totally in tune with the requirements of each unique moment. The experience is intensely pleasurable and the game seems worth playing just for its own sake as opposed to any potential pay off in the future.

  • What is happening in these ‘white heat’ moments?
  • Where do ‘we’ go as we seem to lose ourselves in the challenge of the game?
  • Why do these experiences seem so rare and is it possible to go there more often?

All of these avenues and more will be explored in our discussion as Rupert and Karl share their combined experiences.

There will be the opportunity to ask your own personal questions as we all seek to learn more about this fascinating subject. 

Discussion Board

The discussion board is disabled for this event. Please contact the organiser directly with any queries.


The event is complementary and you can participate from the comfort of your own home on Zoom. You just need to email Karl at: info@themindfactor.com and you will be sent your own Zoom invite for the evening.