Rupert Spira Podcast: Piers Thurston

Rupert Spira Podcast: Piers Thurston
In this episode, Rupert Spira and Piers Thurston, host of the Quality of Mind: Realising Exponential Potential podcast, talk about how the pandemic has created the opportunity for more people to be curious about the fundamentals of the self. They discuss this curiosity and the seeking of our true being.

Piers works with individuals, organisations and businesses to facilitate growth and achievement of optimum potential. He looks for ways to create a bridge between psychology and spirituality in his work, and the aim of his podcast is to offer more to those already a little interested in non-duality.   

Because Rupert was unable to travel during lockdown, he had to carry out all his speaking events online. As a result of this shift, the last couple of years has seen an expansion of his audience and has affected the way he articulates his understanding. 

He has also received invitations to speak to groups comprising people who previously might not have come across him or seen the relevance of what he talks about to their lives.

The conversation begins with an exploration of what constitutes our psychology: our thoughts and feelings. They also touch upon what lies prior to the arising of that psychology: our true nature, or self. 

Rupert suggests that we investigate the way we always feel, ‘I am myself’; that we recognise that the continuity of experience we call ‘our self’ cannot be made of transitory thoughts and feelings. We must also see that we have heretofore been identifying with the content of experience at the expense of that which knows it. This overlooking is the cause of our misery and conflicts.

In answer to the frequent question, ‘Is renunciation necessary, or is it possible to follow a path of self-enquiry and remain active in the world?’ Rupert says that far from taking us away from the world, self-enquiry can facilitate our becoming more fully engaged. 

People who act from the understanding of their essential being are more powerful, more effective, and more aligned with truth, justice and peace. 

The two also discuss the phenomenon of love: how it is the dissolution of the sense of separation between two people, which is why it is so intoxicating, and why we all long for it. They suggest that the experience of love is the recognition of the nature of reality.  

They also delve into the topic of creativity, whether in art, science or business. Inspiration arrives, they concur, when a conditioned mind comes to a degree of rest and is informed by a deeper layer of intelligence. A glimpse of this is available to all of us, now, if we just look in the right direction.

You can listen to this episode on the Rupert Spira podcast here.


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