Macclesfield 'The Direct Path' Meetup Group

We invite you to join us to contemplate the nature of experience , through the Non duality teachings of Rupert Spira. We will enjoy sitting in silence together, and watching videos of Rupert's teachings. Sitting together through Rupert's contemplative guided meditations, either audio or video. Followed by refreshments and shared reflection about our experience or understanding of these direct teachings. The small Chapel is a beautiful space, run by Unitarians who embrace all faiths and support everyones chosen paths. It has an amazing resonance of peace. Even commented on recently by a visiting Zen priest, who said it reminded him of Zen meditation halls. The silence there is deeply felt and easily fallen into. We have been offered this space for free, but have offered in return make a small donation to the Chapel each visit to help toward the upkeep of the Chapel and refreshments provided. This is not compulsory and only offered if you feel to or can afford to. A suggested donation is £3


Macclesfield, UK


King Edward Street Chapel Macclesfield

When we meet

2nd & 4th Mondays of every month - 7pm - 9pm
Jazzalina Garcia