Leamington Spa Guided Meditation Meetup Group

These meditation meetings are lovely so we will continue to offer fortnightly sessions to listen to Rupert Spira’s guided yoga meditations, his clarity and wonderful technique, which leads to an experiential taste of our inner essence of Consciousness- Awareness- Being or whatever word we want to use to describe it. Recognition of our essential essence as ‘that, that is aware’ is the key to awakening, enlightenment or the peace that passes understanding, Rupert calls it the direct path. To Know ‘Knowing’ Knowingly or Being Aware of Being Aware. To experience again the journey into our ‘Being’. It’s a beautiful journey


Leamington Spa, UK


23 Pinehurst, Cubbington, CV32 7XA UK

When we meet

Fortnightly, contact Paul for more info