Brussels Meetup Group

Join us to share a moment talking about non duality approach based on Rupert Spira’s teachings, (also Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta, ACIM, Jean Klein, Robert Adam, Krishnamurti, Atmananda Krishna Menon, John Levy and others)- independant from spiritual orientation or tradition, let’s get together to meditate , explore the non dual approach by questions and answers. We will discuss the perennial non-duality to deepen our understanding and to support one another in integrating this understanding into our daily lives.


Brussels, Belgium


Dalya and Olivier’s s home in the suburbs of Brussels, please contact for detailed address and registration

When we meet

First Saturday of the month, 10 - 12 am (to be confirmed at the end of each meeting) may be followed by a quick lunch all together (if agreed so, please bring something to share)
Dalya Mesulam